What Silver Lining?

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Silver Lining
Silver Lining
When I read a post on Facebook recently that said “There is always a sliver lining” I had to take pause for a moment and decide if I believed this. Do you think there is always a silver lining in every situation? Some events seem really difficult to imagine any “silver lining!”I have been overcoming a health issue for over 7 weeks. An unheard of event in my life! Some of you may have seen my posts from the wonderful trip to Nepal-beautiful scenes, food, and sites (www.facebook.com/SheranMattsonPsyd)  and the subsequent souvenirs from the trip!!
I have always prided myself on my focus on health and wellness and all the powerful tools I use to maintain wellness to support myself and others.  This setback has challenged me! I hadn’t been in the hospital since I had a baby-over 40 years ago! Actually I have been a bit arrogant about my health at my age! This really made me step back and look at my attitude and appreciation of my body!
I started searching for the “silver lining” and couldn’t really see one. All the doctor visits, all the medications which I really do not like to expose my body to, all the disappointment in myself!
Then it hit me-we don’t search for the silver lining we create it. This simple shift can be a big mindset change! If we are looking for something we may never find it…I hear people say they are looking for or wanting or trying to be happy or fulfilled or joyful. I feel compassion for this view but realize we never get there if it is a search! We need to choose and then it happens! Reminder for me also!
My decision to create the silver lining resulted in these finds (maybe you can connect with them!):
  1. Being really sick forced me to live in the moment more than I ever have. And this focus has lasted!! I am more present! My mind is more relaxed about all that has to be done. Nothing is more important than enjoying this moment.
  2. I am more compassionate with myself. This is bringing me even more joy…I am taking the medications without worry and doing my EFT and other energy healing to speed the process. It took me awhile to get to the compassionate part but now that I am, I believe the healing is progressing faster! (It is always easier to be more compassionate with others!!!!)
  3.  A reevaluation of how I really want to use my time is happening. Not sure yet what I will choose but I am getting excited about the workshops I am planning for the near future and the free time I am building into my schedule!Such good “silver linings!”
What about you? What “silver linings” are available to you right now-no matter how your life is going? I would love to hear and as always I really truly am honored to support you if you are ready for changing something in your life.
Enjoy your “silver” moments! Sheran