The Magical Human Body

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I wonder how many of us know the remarkable healing power we have access to every moment? I just returned from another mind expanding International Energy Psychology Conference. Each year I attend this conference my appreciation and awe of the connection between mind, heart, and body is reinforced and increased. We were reminded that 85% of all illness in the US has emotional (spiritual and psychological) cause.  Thus illness is curable with clearing of the emotional contributors!

Just a few highlights: Dr. Bill Bengston, who wrote The Energy Cure,  showed the healing of aggressive cancers through energy healing by people who did not believe in or know about energy healing—they did not identify themselves as healers-and neither does Bill identify himself as a healer. Rather he is a scientist and researcher with over 35 years of results. His ultimate goal is to provide a cancer cure for free to all!!! His experiments also revealed that once the cancer is gone through healing, it is unable to return. He wants to end suffering! The repeatable results are amazing…

Dr. Brad Nelson of the Emotion Code demonstrated how to release trapped emotions that are causes of pain and illness. He acknowledged and demonstrated the influence of inherited pain!

Dr. Lissa Rankin, a medical doctor, realized that the most important factor in medical care is love. She has authored, Mind Over Medicine, The Fear Cure, and The Anatomy of a Calling. She opened the Whole Health Medical Institute to support her mission to merge science and spirituality in a way that facilitates health and optimal wellness. Her ultimate desire would be to have the entire medical community embrace love for healing and get out of the way of trying to “fix” others.

Numerous recent solid research was presented on  the results of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) including anxiety reduction, decreasing depression, chronic pain, dental anxiety, and improving health. Other research focused on parental influence during pregnancy, subtle energy healing, muscle testing, healing in the biofield  and meditation.

Can you imagine being in a space with over 500 people who were focused on the research, the results and the examples of healing taking place? I suspect that everyone of us has some physical or emotional pain or know someone who does. Suffering does not have to be a way of life. Everyone can get results from these techniques!

It is truly an honor to share simple body and mind procedures with those who seek them. Just yesterday, clients I saw felt both emotional and physical changes from EFT, body movement, and Pranic Healing methods. We were reminded at the conference that younger people are saying “yea-so?” because they get it easily. Those of us who have a few more years still need convincing! If you haven’t tried any of the techniques or read any of the books mentioned give yourself a gift and take just one step. I promise you will feel better!!!

If you have pain-emotional or physical and want a demonstration why not call for a one time visit-in person or over Skype? Release one bothersome pain! It will be my honor to facilitate the shift! Soon I will offer some workshops so you can learn some of these techniques yourself. Keep posted!

Hug, Sheran