The Best Beginnings Start with the Best Endings

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The Best Beginnings Start with the Best Endings
As we end 2015 it is a great time to think about how we have changed this past year! I remember the things I am proud of, the things I wished I hadn’t done or thought and the things I still want to do! It is valuable to celebrate it all. If we learned from mistakes then we gained the value they had to offer. Starting the New Year without clearing out the old is like trying to see in a mirror that is covered in smears! You can see but it is blurry! Once you have cleared the past year consider what you want to create for 2016. Imagine the year you want. Don’t make it hard! Just consider what will make life worth living this year. I had the chance to give my thoughts in an interview for Valley Lifestyles Magazine on setting intentions. See my article on pp 36-38 and the mention by the editor on her opening page! It was fun to share ideas!magazineIn the article I shared the value of looking at all areas of our life and determining where we need the most change. Creating intentions rather than goals. Visualizing them as completed. Celebrating every little success. Using gratitude as a motivation and finding a partner to support you in each step!Here is the specific article link :
As you are getting ready for your new year, I encourage you to be kind to yourself in order to make 2016 the best year ever!
Happy New Year!
Hugs and Peace, Sheran
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