Spirit Centered Coaching is a life-changing coach certification program.
I would love to bring you into my world of extraordinary coaches.

In this program you will:
  • Learn how to transform lives through the unique Spirit Centered Coaching Method
  • Use a variety of techniques and tools that allow fast significant change
  • Begin coaching and attracting clients immediately
  • Implement the business model that works for you
  • Have a support system of peer coaches to practice and learn together
  • Identify your ideal client and personal coaching discipline
  • Participate in personal coaching to identify and release blocks to success
  • So much more….all to create success for your future

Picture yourself – it’s a year from now, and as you look back over the year, what changed for you?

Are you living an energized fulfilling life, loving your career, empowering others and making great income as a coach or do you see yourself at the end of another year wondering why things still look the same?

How will you feel if you do not start making a bigger difference in people’s lives?

What you do today can change your life and others forever.


By enrolling in the Spirit Centered Coaching Program, you’ll become one of the 1% of all coaches who know how to give your clients real, lasting change.

You’ll be making a great income while making a real difference in our world.

Is this the year that you fulfill your purpose and the career you were meant to have?

I chose to work with you to have someone listen to my experience as a leader and help me reflect on my leadership style and skills to raise both consciousness and skill level in my role as a leader.
In addition, my role is one of spiritual leadership, so being able to bring a faith perspective to my service of leadership was also part of the reason I chose to work with you.
My Blessings
– Tom

I found Dr. Sheron Mattson to be a knowledgeable, concerned and highly intuitive counselor and advisor who made excellent suggestions for repairing and enhancing a troubled relationship. Things are better today, thankfully.
While many factors contribute to positive change, I believe Dr. Mattson’s help was significant.
“The focus of my career/business became more organized and purposeful after working with Sheran. She helped me change core beliefs that were self limiting and supported me to replace them with others more enlightening. She truly has a gift for what she does”.
– Claudia L.

I feel so fortunate to have happened upon Sheran, because she really changed my life. She helped me achieve a renewed sense of purpose and skills to overcome lingering negative aspects in my life!
Before working with Sheran I struggled with anxiety about past and at the time current family entanglements and motivation and courage to make my own life choices without being coerced or bullied by people in my life.
While working with Sheran I discovered that I discovered that I could decide how I would allow people to treat me and that I was worthy of the future and life that I had always dreamt of. I learned that taking care of yourself is so very important.
After working with Sheran I am more confident, powerful and find that my relationships are much more positive.
– Desiree Sorensen