Spirit Centered Coach Certification

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Spirit Centered Coaching

Have you always been a person to whom others come for guidance and support?

Have you known that you have a purpose to assist others with growth?

Are you committed to personal growth yourself?

Have you thought about changing careers or getting more effective in your current work?

Have you dreamed of having a flexible schedule, making a good income and  making a difference in lots of lives?

Do you know you have a talent in business, career development, spirituality, communication or some other expertise that others recognize?

Then becoming a Spirit Centered Coach may be the answer for you!

In this 8 month program you will:

  • Gain the Tools to Transform Lives, Careers, and or Relationships!
  • Begin Coaching and Attracting Clients Right Away
  • Implement a Business Model that Works for You
  • Overcome Your Fear of Charging Appropriate Fees
  • Identify Your Ideal Client and Niche
  • Have a Support System of Peer Coaches with whom to Learn and Practice
  • So Much More……………….

If you are already a Coach this program will offer the credential that will increase your professional approach and status.

For lots more details and to find out if this is right for you, contact me at Sheran@Dynamiclifecoach.net for an application.

Program is limited to 10 applicants and this is the only offering during this calendar year.

What you do today can change your life and the lives of others!

You owe it to yourself to create the life that you want and make a difference in the world at the same time…..