Put Your Own Face Mask on First!

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On a plane do you even hear the attendant’s instructions any more? Or are you like me: I make a cursory smiling glance and continue doing the puzzle in the flight magazine-love those puzzles! I know the routine so no need to listen! But I wonder if we really understand the importance of these instructions?  Put the face mask on yourself first and then your child.

Taking Care of Ourselves First in Order to Assist Another!

This almost seems counter intuitive! Think of ourselves before we help someone who relies on us or needs us. And yet, in my experience a lot of people are suffering because they do not take care of themselves before their job, their family members and even their friends. They push themselves even when they do not feel well, they have feelings of sadness/fears/anxiety, or they have all these thoughts of not being good enough-“if only people really knew me.”

We have been taught to tough it out.

So many of us who walk around with off and on aches and pains, digestion issues, insomnia, mild bouts of depression, are overweight, and unhappy in relationships! We take a pill to get us through or we just keep going. We think this is part of life but it does not have to be. I have been writing about the simple yet powerful self-healing energy techniques that are available to all of us. Tools that are easy to learn so they seem unlikely to make a difference, but they do!

I want everyone to have access to these simple methods that release fears, reduce or eliminate anxiety, assist with numerous health issues, and clear blocks to feeling peaceful. I am offering one day of learning three energy techniques that have research based proven results: Emotional Freedom Technique, Pranic Body Clearing, and Imagine and Release Visualization. You will walk out of this one day seminar feeling better and you will be able to use these tools  to assist yourself to continue to feel better!

Previous participants have said: I can’t believe how terrific I feel. I wish I knew this years ago. Wow, I feel so good I can’t wait to share with my family. This seems like magic! Thank you!

Are you curious? Are you ready to gift yourself? Are you ready to put your mask on first? The workshop is on June 17 from 8:30-3:30. You will have an introductory experience and practice of Emotional Freedom Technique, Pranic Body Clearing and Imagine and Release Visualization. There is additional power in learning with a group! This is called “Borrowing Benefits” which we will explore.

You will have instructions to use at home and you will have a day of feeling physically and emotionally better than when you came in the door. Space is limited to 10 people. (I am planning to video tape to use for a webinar delivery in the future for those who cannot attend in person!)

Location is my office:1701 S. Mill Ave. Suite 103, Tempe, AZ. Fee for the full day is $189. Email, call or text your interest or questions-sheran@dynamiclifecoach.net, 480-326-7023 or you can sign up immediately through PayPal at Dynamic Life Coach. The cutoff number of attendees needs to be 10 in order to have individualized support.

Whether or not you come to this workshop, I encourage you to consider what you can do to care for yourself today. What is one thing you can start doing or let go of. Put your mask on!!!!

Have an uplifting and peaceful week. Hug, Sheran