Miracles Happen When We Least Expect Them

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I know this happens to you! You get the little inside feeling when you get invited to an event, or read an article, or pass a location. You’re not sure what it means. Sometimes you do something because of it, other times you just make a note of it and then there are the times you ignore it!

Have you noticed what happens when you act on the nudge (intuition)? Usually an unbelievable result you could not imagine. For example, for me there was the time I kept passing a building and felt a big draw towards it. It took me a couple of years to respond and found when I did I joined an organization that changed my life for the better.

Another nudge came in a water bill (when we used to get inserts!) It advertised a program for women that was being offered by the local university and City of Phoenix. Selection was very limited but promised to be life changing! I knew I needed to apply although I was not nearly at the corporate level of what they were suggesting. When I was selected I was the only one who applied through the “Water Bill!” All others (only 47 allowed) came through corporate sponsorship! This program again changed the course of my life-friendships, career and family!

Then there are the small nudges that result in a faster route, a chance meeting, or just the right purchase!

Well, here I am again. Next week I leave for Nepal to be part of a retreat team! Something I could never have imagined! This came about from attending an afternoon social appreciation gathering in April! I wasn’t sure I wanted to go, but felt I “should” attend.

Just weeks before, I had stated to myself “I want to start doing life changing retreats.” And on a different occasion I had wondered “How do people get to go to spirit filled exotic places? I want to do that!” Now both visions are happening. Nothing could have prepared me for this! Chance-maybe, but I believe it was that inner intuition inviting me to listen. If I had thought about this, I may have been afraid or worried or thought it was not possible!

Today I won’t go into all the details of how this came about but before April I would not have ever imagined that in July, I would be heading to Nepal to assist with the vision of transformation retreats with team members I do not know!!!!

I know this type of experience happens to you also-maybe not the dramatic one I just noted (heaven knows this one is a big one!) But those inner invitations to try something, go somewhere, call someone, get moving! Have you noticed this lately? I know I miss a lot of these nudges! Thus I thought about a few Dos and Don’ts that can make a difference for you and me to hear more!

  • Do listen and act as soon as you feel an inner urge to do something. It may be a feeling in the pit of your stomach or a pull to turn a certain way when driving or a reminder to call someone that you haven’t spoken to in a while or an urge to do some research on something! Act immediately! These little nudges are often dismissed! The more we respond quickly, the less likely we are to miss the message.
  • Don’t let fear get in the way. I love how Elizabeth Gilbert writes in Big Magic-fear always comes along for the ride but is not allowed to steer the vehicle, change the route or even touch the radio dial! If you make a mistake you can always course correct! Fear is imagined-not real!
  • Don’t let someone else’s opinion dominate! Listen to your own inner self. Only you get to live this journey. Approval is definitely overrated! Yours is the only opinion that matters! If you get lost because you took a different route, maybe you were being protected from danger or you got to see something different on this ride!
  • Lastly-the most important Do-have fun and enjoy your choices! The more you listen to your inner nudges the more exciting and interesting your life will be! Feel the satisfaction and joy of honoring yourself!!!

What are you hearing today??? I would love to hear about the nudges you have responded to! You will inspire me and others.

I look forward to taking you with me on this new journey! Updates to follow!  Sending hugs and joy for leaps forward. Sheran