Emotional Freedom Technique Training with Certificate

Dr. Sheran MattsonUncategorized

Have you heard about the research based results people get when using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

Have you been using EFT with clients and want to learn to use it in a more professional and effective way? Do you know how to use the movie technique, chase the pain, and the deep dive specific event process to get lasting results?
Do you personally want to get relief from health issues, have better relationships or feel more peaceful? Then this workshop is for you.
If you work with clients in health care, education settings or any type of counseling, using EFT will achieve for faster, deeper, and longer lasting results.
You will want this workshop if you work in a health care setting, an education setting, or any counseling environment to have students, clients or patients feel better both physically and emotionally, release old habits, feel better about themselves and their relationships and recognize you as the expert you are.
Dr. Sheran has an advanced EFT certification from the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology and has practiced and trained numerous practitioners.
You will receive a certificate and personal support to increase your effectiveness as part of this training.
Register by calling 480-326-7023 or emailing drsheran@sheranmattson.com.
Fee for the full training and manual is $249.
Workshop is limited to 10 and is filling fast.