What is EFT?

  •  I have explored multiple techniques to decide what would best assist individuals and myself with physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping surfaced as one of the most reliable methods that looks funny, is easy to learn, gets results, and has lots of research to back it up.
  • I wanted to offer this so much that I achieved the Advanced level of Certification in EFT from the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology.
  • EFT works with the energy in our body-there is a definite connection between our thoughts, feelings, and action. Just think about a difficult experience in your past and you can feel the emotion of it as if it were happening today. Or think about your money needs-Yike!!!
  • When we get rid of the emotion, we feel peaceful, we are able to manage our outlook, take action faster, have more creativity, and our body can heal itself. For every negative experience there is some energy charge that we will want to release!

What does EFT Treat:

  • Freedom from worry and fear
  • Weight loss, maintenance and body confidence
  • Fear of public speaking or speaking up
  • Unlocking limiting beliefs and misperceptions
  • Building self- esteem and confidence
  • Healing stress-related health issues
  • Feeling calmer and in control
  • Mending difficult relationships
  • Superior focus and energy
  • Restoring confidence after setbacks
  • Relief from trauma and emotional triggers
  • Opening to greater abundance and wealth
  • An influential and charismatic presence

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Copyright by Sheran Mattson Coaching 2019©. All rights reserved. Design by: BBH

Copyright by Sheran Mattson Coaching 2019©. All rights reserved. Design by: BBH