Creating a Holiday for Today

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Joyful wishes to each of you. I am so grateful for you. Thank you for letting me share with you. I am wishing all a wonderful time with all the words above. I also realize this is a time of many feelings so add these thoughts below!

This is the time of year when visions are on high alert. A really special time for so many. Much joy and family time no matter what holiday you celebrate. I join you in this joy!

The media hypes this season with so many pictures of what life is supposed to look like. Everyone happy, the ideal family and much glitter. How wonderful and impossible to achieve!!!

For some this is a time of sadness with painful memories from the past or unmet expectations from the present. I hear from many who are struggling to live into the pictures that are created as the ideal season. Snow, family meals, the ideal present, laughter, a perfect dinner table,,,,,As of yet, I have not met one person whose experience achieved everything hyped. And many are disappointed by this or don’t feel good about themselves.

The truth is this is a season to appreciate our lives, the health we have or are improving, those with whom we share our daily life, and the opportunity to have a better tomorrow. Sharing peace with ourselves and others. Letting go of unrealistic pictures is the best!!!

I send true light and love to each of you. If you celebrate a religious holiday-Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Kwanzaa. I hope you can feel the support of your beliefs with so much promise and connection. If you are with family, I hope you are gentle with them and yourself!!! If you are alone, I send you encouragement to know you are loved and special. I want everyone to remember how we are all blessed by you just being you!!!!

Create your own vision for what this holiday is!!!  I send a hug!

Happy Season of Peace, Sheran