Emotional Freedom Technique Training with Certificate

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Have you heard about the research based results people get when using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)? Have you been using EFT with clients and want to learn to use it in a more professional and effective way? Do you know how to use the movie technique, chase the pain, and the deep dive specific event process to get lasting results? … Read More

Love, Energy and the Caregiver

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About 6 months ago I received a call from a fellow EFT  Practitioner and ACEP member. She knew of my unexpected and challenging illness that happened after my visit to Nepal last fall. She asked if I was interested in presenting a workshop on the challenge of being a caregiver or receiving care. She herself had a very significant year … Read More

Creating a Holiday for Today

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Joyful wishes to each of you. I am so grateful for you. Thank you for letting me share with you. I am wishing all a wonderful time with all the words above. I also realize this is a time of many feelings so add these thoughts below! This is the time of year when visions are on high alert. A … Read More

An Epidemic of Today

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Do you prefer to work alone and figure things out by yourself or while working with others? There is some real value to both ways. Although most of my work is one on one with clients, what I really “love” is doing workshops or sessions with groups of people. It is so exciting to experience the movement in a room full … Read More

What Silver Lining?

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Silver Lining

When I read a post on Facebook recently that said “There is always a sliver lining” I had to take pause for a moment and decide if I believed this. Do you think there is always a silver lining in every situation? Some events seem really difficult to imagine any “silver lining!”I have been overcoming a health issue for over 7 weeks. … Read More

Miracles Happen When We Least Expect Them

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  I know this happens to you! You get the little inside feeling when you get invited to an event, or read an article, or pass a location. You’re not sure what it means. Sometimes you do something because of it, other times you just make a note of it and then there are the times you ignore it! Have … Read More

Put Your Own Face Mask on First!

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On a plane do you even hear the attendant’s instructions any more? Or are you like me: I make a cursory smiling glance and continue doing the puzzle in the flight magazine-love those puzzles! I know the routine so no need to listen! But I wonder if we really understand the importance of these instructions?  Put the face mask on yourself first … Read More

The Magical Human Body

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  I wonder how many of us know the remarkable healing power we have access to every moment? I just returned from another mind expanding International Energy Psychology Conference. Each year I attend this conference my appreciation and awe of the connection between mind, heart, and body is reinforced and increased. We were reminded that 85% of all illness in … Read More

Have You Felt the Nudge to Make a Change?

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It seems like more and more people are feeling an invitation to make a change in their work! They say I want to assist people more, I want to do something rewarding, I want to feel excited about the difference I am making. This nagging often results in a new career. That is why I developed the Spirit Centered Coaching Certification Program. … Read More