At a Crossroad-the Path to Passionate Living

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Sheran Mattson Change

change is a process

This program is for those who want to get bigger results in business, career, relationships and health! Whether you want to expand your business or discover the career that you feel passionate about and at the same time enhance your relationships with family and loved ones then this is for you. You will increase your energy, feel passion in what you are doing, and deepen your relationships. Included in this program:


  • Discover what Passion Looks Like
  • Identify how you Unconsciously Sabotage Yourself
  • Participate in a Step by Step Plan that includes
    • Setting the Foundation for Success
    • Breaking Down Barriers
    • Generating Power
    • Magnetizing Resources
    • Mastering the Future
    • Living True Purpose
This Premium Program will be limited to a small number of people will since there will be so much personal support. A Discovery Session will be offered to anyone who may be interested in order to determine that this is the right program for them. There is also a one time discount for this first session with the understanding that testimonials will be offered by participants. If you think this is a fit for you or someone you know then contact me to schedule a complementary Discovery Session interview! This is the year for Transformation!