17. Sherri3I always knew I wanted to support people in being successful in life! I knew that each time I overcame a struggle I was learning how to assist someone else with the same issue. I treasured how great it always felt to get to the other side of relationship, money and career issues.
After a childhood of constant change and instability I set out to learn how to overcome my own self-limiting thoughts and actions in order to live life with more abundance, purpose, have fulfilling relationships and a career that I love. Each career move whether in a not for profit, corporate setting or as an entrepreneur added new skills and ability to support people in growing in their career and life purpose.
My consulting work, training in energy psychology techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique, meditation, and years of leading Spiritual Groups taught me a variety of tools to offer clients both in the workplace and at home. I gained practical experience in coaching, facilitation, career counseling, strategic planning, and management to add to the ability to work effectively with individuals and groups.
My work has been in educational settings, not- for profits, religious communities, government including the military, and in corporate environments. But my greatest learning has come from being a wife, mother and grandmother!!!
I understand what it is like to be touched by addiction, life threatening illness, self-doubt, and confusion about career and next steps. I also know what it is like to experience the creation of a present and future that is financially rewarding and energizing with great personal relationships.
If you think I can assist you to become clear on your next steps, get unstuck, let go of old hurts, improve your money and or family issues, click on the button below and sign up for a complimentary Discovery Session! You deserve to live with passion and joy and the world needs your special talents!

With love and light, Sheran

Maintaining Balance in a Wobbly World

We can feel alone in our struggle for positive change. We look around and it appears others have it all together!

What’s amazing though is that we are all more alike than different. Most of us stay in a comfort zone with how our life progresses… even if we’re not totally satisfied and would secretly like things to change.

This workbook provides simple and practical ideas to use immediately so you can be more peaceful and have more joy in the now, without waiting for an external “kick in the pants.”

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Certifications and Associations

  • ibrea
  • pranic
  • emoto
  • eft
  • ACEP_POS_4c
  • Begin to Heal
  • Pastoral Medical Association
  • Healing Touch Professional Association