4 Energy Techniques I Use to Feel Daily Delight

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life is agift - open armsLife is filled with ups and downs. It often does not turn out like we thought it would. I know my life sure has been different than I would have predicted.I feel upbeat one moment and discouraged the next. When I am upbeat I have lots of energy and make things happen. In the down times the simplest tasks can seem hard. How about you?Keeping the energy high and feeling great are important to me as I want to be present for all the great clients who allow me to support them in their goals. I created 4 ways that will always bring me up no matter what. Some days I use all 4 but usually I only need to do one to get me moving again. Hopefully one of these will do the same for you!


1. Dance with Life. I honestly mean dance. Just physically move. Put on some good music that allows you to move. Isn’t life really a dance anyway? It has all kinds of moves that require you to try new steps. The more you dance with abandon the more relaxed you get. You develop confidence and poise. It is always better when no one is watching! After a vigorous move around the room I always feel energized and upbeat.

2. Stretch the Lungs with Laughter. I talk about this one technique a lot and with good reason. Laughter is a natural pain killer and mood lifter. Neurotransmitters called endorphins are released when you smile. A really good belly laugh massages the abdominal muscles just like doing physical exercise or a good massage.  Stress gets reduced, lungs are expanded and if you do this around someone else they usually are not able to resist joining in. One good laugh can change your whole day.

3. Find a Daily Inspirational or Motivational Message. There are hundreds of bloggers, posts on Face Book, or books of short quotes/articles available. A few words can create a whole new perspective! There are a few sites I visit regularly (Heart Math Institute, Abraham Hicks, or Jack Canfield) and I post something inspirational most days (https://www.facebook.com/SheranMattsonPsyd/). Where our mind goes is where our energy goes.

4. Connect with Someone Positive. This is especially important to do when I do not feel like doing it. I will think about who I can talk to about their life, some new event coming up or reviewing something from the past. Just hearing their voice, feeling their positive energy, and remembering that we are connected revs my engine! We are all connected anyway so the person I pick may just be waiting for my call or email.

Get Energized and Feel the Shift!
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