Here I go again….

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Sheran Mattson Positive

Have you ever broken a habit and thought you were “cured?” The habit could be big like smoking or smaller like reducing coffee from three cups a day to two! It is embarrassing for me to admit and professionally challenging to recognize that a habit I have addressed in the past is back. This habit drains my energy, reduces my … Read More


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Sheran Mattson Time For Change

Emotional Freedom Technique a simple technique to: Tested and proven to help you: Release Stress Melt Away Fears or Phobias Alleviate Pain Reduce Anxiety and Depression Overcome Grief Increase Stamina and Energy Enhance Relationships Reduce Interpersonal Difficulties Assist with Weight Loss/Career Decisions/Loneliness Isn’t that unreal? Are you ready to learn about the tapping phenomena that is being tried by people … Read More

#1 Joy Booster

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Sheran Mattson Anticipation

I couldn’t wait. I stood up and then I sat down. I went and got a cup of coffee and then got one for my daughter. I felt so much inner excitement and anticipation. I kept watching the arrival times to see if the plane had landed yet. I had a tingling in my stomach, a giddy feeling in my … Read More

Spring Spiritual Tune Up

Dr. Sheran MattsonWorkshops

Sheran Mattson Botanical

  Spring is the perfect time to give our body, mind and spirit an uplift and renewal! Feel energized, improve your relationships and enhance your creativity during this 6-week tele-seminar series. Each week will explore an aspect of spiritual renewal. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz will guide 4 of the weeks with the themes of Be Impeccable with … Read More

Remembering My First Time….

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Sheran Mattson intuition

  I was scared, uncomfortable and didn’t know how to react. Was it good or bad? Was I weird? Did I need to do something different? Did everyone know. Someone I respected had told me I was very intuitive. I panicked because I had no idea what that meant. Was I seen as incompetent and unprofessional? It was important to … Read More