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Sheran Mattson Listening

It feels so good to be really heard. Did you realize that people spend 45% of their waking time listening, and truly being heard is one of the most effective sales tools in business (and life)? Listening creates loyalty among staff and customers. It can calm a disgruntled client and save a sale, and most importantly effective listening deepens relationships. … Read More


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Sheran Mattson Time For Change

Emotional Freedom Technique a simple technique to:   Release Stress Melt Away Fears or Phobias Alleviate Pain Reduce Anxiety and Depression Overcome Grief Increase Stamina and Energy Enhance Relationships Reduce Interpersonal Difficulties Assist with Weight Loss/Career Decisions/Loneliness Are you hearing about tapping and the mysterious remedy that it offers for so many physical and emotional issues? This is EFT. First … Read More