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EFT a simple yet powerful technique to: Release Stress Melt Away Fears or Phobias Alleviate Pain Reduce Anxiety and Depression Overcome Grief Increase Stamina and Energy Enhance Relationships Reduce Interpersonal Difficulties Assist with Weight Loss/Career Decisions/Loneliness   ♦  WOW! Is this possible-absolutely!!!!!!! ♦  Skeptics invited because EFT works whether or not you believe in it. ♦  Documented scientific studies and countless … Read More

Introduction to 3 Unique Energy Techniques for Body, Mind, Spirit

Dr. Sheran MattsonWorkshops

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Introduction to 3 Unique Energy Techniques for Body, Mind, Spirit will be September 28, 9am-3:30pm. Offered in response to overwhelming requests! This interactive hands-on experience teaches three energy techniques that participants will practice and use immediately. No where else are these three techniques taught together. Pranic Healing, EFT, the Phoenix Effect Visualization. Every workshop gets rave reviews and stories of how … Read More