You Deserve Success and Energy

Dr. Sheran MattsonAbundance, energy, Inner Growth, Reflection, Thoughts

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There is no single definition of success. Is it money, satisfying relationships, joy-filled days or all of these? Only you can decide what it is for you but I liked this list of traits that are adapted from Investor’s Business Daily. See how many of these you already have and which are worth revisiting:

  1. Exhibit a Positive Attitude-you will have more energy and attract more positive responses from people. A simple smile starts the process!
  2. Have a Clear Measurable Goal –knowing what you want to achieve each day in your life-whether it is personal, business or fun-gives you a chance to begin a day with excitement and see changes as you achieve or revise you goals. Write it somewhere so you can cross it off when done!
  3. Demonstrate a Courageous Spirit-this is when you need to tap into your inner strength to face whatever shows up-problems with people you love or with challenges that show up. Put your invisible Superman/woman cape on!
  4. Always Asking Questions with an Inquisitive Mind-learning never ends and our brain just gets more flexible and quick when we use it! Answers only come after a question!
  5.  Share a Strong Heart-heart energy is powerful and felt by everyone around us-combining mind and heart energy will define better decisions in all areas of life. Focus on and breathe into your heart at the same time-this creates a powerful energy that radiates from you!
  6. Develop an Analytical Brain-seeing all aspects of a situation or viewpoint allows for more connections and better outcomes.
  7. Using a Focused Eye-what are you looking towards? The problems or the results? What you look for is often what you see. Your thoughts create your reality!
  8. Being Fearless in Approach-trying new things gives you lots of energy-expecting that some will fail but others will pay off. Most inventions happen through “accidents.”
  9. Speaking with a Disciplined Tongue-always telling our truth with sensitivity. Asking for forgiveness when we know we have hurt another or made a mistake. Watch yourself as you speak!
  10. Live with a Clear Conscience-never compromise your personal integrity and you will be able to sleep well and like yourself no matter what happens!! Always, always speak your truth!

Don’t waste another minute on limitations-you deserve success in all areas of life. Make the decision to claim it!!! I am rooting for you…….