Words are Powerful

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The Power of Words Sheran Mattson

The Power of WordsHave you ever been hurt by a comment that you overheard or been extremely disappointed in yourself because of words you spoke to another in haste? I would guess the answer is yes to both of these! Similarly have you ever felt powerful and strong after a positive word of praise or encouragement? Hopefully this is a yes also!

Words have power and energy and yet we often use them so casually. Relationships with friends, disharmony in families and even job losses can result from words that are thoughtlessly spoken. Many of my middle aged clients still feel the sting of a parent’s or a teacher’s unkind statement from 20 or 30 years before! Similarly great achievements and change have been realized by words of support and reassurance!

Today’s reminder is to pay attention to how you speak-be conscious and aware your use words to build up or tear down-yourself and others. Here are four tips from internationally known Success Coach, Jack Canfield, to help with this focus:

1. Commit to being impeccable in your speech when talking to others. Before speaking, ask yourself whether what you want to say will advance your vision, mission and goals? Will it uplift the people who hear what you’re saying? Will it dissolve fear and create safety and trust?

2. Vow to be as honest as you can when interacting with others. Telling the truth keeps you in integrity. Lying separates you from your highest self and erodes others’ trust in you. Lying is the product of low self-esteem – the belief that you are not enough to get what you want. It’s also fueled by the false belief that you can’t handle the consequences of people knowing the truth about you and what you think.

3. Make the intention to uplift every person you interact with in some small way. You might do so by appreciating something about the other person or simply by using uplifting, positive words.

4. Refrain from gossiping. This destructive habit robs you of a clear mind, allowing others’ opinions and judgments to color your feelings toward and expectations of others. When you’re with people who want to gossip, change the subject, keep quiet, or walk away from the conversation. Other alternatives include clearly stating that you don’t want to participate in gossiping or saying something positive about the person who is the subject of the gossip.

Claim and use your power and you will see the benefits in all areas of your life!! If you are still being charged by old messages I am here to help get them out of your head!!! Remember that you cannot take back words once they leave your mouth so decide what you want to contribute in this interconnected world of today!!!

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