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Be Where You Want To Be Sheran Mattson

be where you want to beEver have one of those days when you don’t have anything really awful happening and you need to do something but you just can’t seem to get out of that “melancholy me” feeling? I’ve been there and then I want to criticize and dis myself. That only makes the “stuckness” worse!

So what are ways to get unstuck? They are so simple yet so easy to forget…..

1. Acknowledge and own the feeling-I am stuck, I am sad, I am frustrated, I am …….whatever! Feel it fully, embrace the feeling, honor it so that it is recognized. Actually tell it “I am willing to own you and give you attention!”

2. Move-do something with your body. Take a walk, leave your office and go up or down the stairs, breathe deeply, exercise, stretch, walk outside. Do what you can in the physical space where you are. There is always some movement you can do. Often the stuck feeling may just be your body asking for attention or your mind wanting a rest. A nap is great but may not be realistic. But do something. Our body is such a great tool that reflects everything that is going on in our mind!

3. Do something fun-even if for just a half hour. It can be finding an interesting article on line to read, call or email someone you have been meaning to talk to, walk through a dollar store if you have the time, laugh for one minute for no reason. Something totally out of the ordinary and that has nothing to do with what you are “required” to do.

The time you spend doing these three things can be a half hour or a half day, but I promise you will feel different. If you find you are stuck again-do them again. If there is a reason why you keep getting stuck over and over you will figure out how to deal with it!

Getting stuck may be your body saying I need attention and your mind saying I need some fun-I know it is for me!! Enjoy getting unstuck!!!