The ABC’s of Dreams

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Sheran Sedona

Dreams are what make life worth living!! I hear this from clients all the time!Sedona3

It was over 30 years ago that I dreamed of living the life I now have. I could see my office, I could feel the joy of having clients come to me for support, and the excitement of waking up every day to do what I loved. Well here I am doing just that. It seems like yesterday and at the same time it seems like two lifetimes ago! There are many ways of achieving dreams but most important is to create them, find support from others, and stay with them.

I have created a list of ABC’s to consider as you create and live your dreams!

A is for Attention-every day give your dream the support it needs.

B is for Believe-in yourself and the possibility.

C is for Care for your health, relationships and the difference you want to make.

D is for Define your dream clearly in your mind and write it down so you can see it every day.

E is for Energy. Keep it high with exercise and outlook.

F is for Focus-never waver no matter what anyone says or what shows up.

G is for Grow daily by learning or reading something that supports your dream.

H is for Help. Do not be uncomfortable to ask for it when you need it.

I is for Intuition-nurture this so that you are able to hear your inner truth speaking to you.

J is for Jump when the chance to move forward shows up-no second guessing.

K is for Keep your dream alive even when it needs to take detours because of life!

L is for Live fully in the moment-don’t wait for things to come, go out and make them happen.

M is for Mentors who have gone before you. Find them and honor them by asking for assistance.

N is for No excuse to stay stuck!

O is for Open Mindedness. There are many ways to achieve-no judging another-keep open for new ideas.

P is for Perseverance no matter what.

Q is for Quiet Time which is necessary to find the peace within and hear divine inspiration.

R is for Results which you need to see, honor and measure.

S is for Sharing only with those who are in alignment with your dream.

T is for Time used wisely including play, prayer, and power naps!

U is for Unique approaches to moving forward.

V is for Vision of seeing the end result. Create a vision board or have pictures of completion.

W is for Write daily of what you are moving towards. The clarity of the steps and how to achieve them the better.

X is for Extra motivation when needed. Find it from a friend, coach, or partner! But find it!

Y is for Your special gift that only you have to share so make sure you share it!

Z is for Zealousness -if you fall off the wagon for a short time, pick up the dream again with renewed enthusiasm.

Your dream is worth having! Here is to all your Dreams coming True!