Dr. Sheran MattsonReflection

When did we lose the ability to look at the world through the eyes of a four-year old? Not too long ago I was sharing with a beautiful 4 year old how many years I would be on my next birthday. As I proceeded to open and close my fingers to show how many 10’s of years I would be celebrating, her eyes grew wider and widerand stated “That’s Amazing!” with great emphasis!

What is it like to look at the world with wonder and amazement! I think a four-year old approach to life is something we may want to recapture. For example:

Every day is new. It is filled with expectation and adventure. A child greets the day with possibilities not a memory of failures.

This moment is the most important. Whether it is the toy I want, the TV program, or mom’s hug. This is now and I cherish it. I don’t even consider tomorrow.

I can be anything I want to be. There are no limitations. A princess, a president, a fire fighter, and a cashier are all possible occupations. Money, training, being smart enough, old or young enough are not problems.

Everyone is the same. A person is not evaluated by color or ability or age. Everyone can be a friend.

I say what I think and I am curious about everything. No monitoring of my questions. If I have a question, I am not embarrassed or afraid to ask and I have no filters in the way. I am curious about everything.

What is one four year old approach to life that would be good for you to adopt? Starting each day new without leftover baggage, living in the moment, seeing possibilities without limiting the self, seeing each person as unique and a possible friend, or being free from fear of being judged and enjoying a curious spirit?

I don’t know about you but this month, I want to try a few of these. If you decide to try one, I would really enjoy hearing about your “amazing vision!”

Life should be dynamic and alive and the more ten fingers you have to open and close to count your birthdays, the more amazing it can become!