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“Thanks for all your help! You have been wonderful!” Juliann

“On behalf of all the soldiers and families of the 63rd ARCOM, we extend personal thanks to you for your hard work and commitment to improving the quality of life for our families.”
63rd US Army Reserve Command

“You have touched me in such a way that I have felt comfort and confidence, support and inspiration to grow.”
Jo-Lee B.

“Thank you for facilitating our Team Leader meeting. Everyone felt very good about the work accomplished.”
American Heart Association

“I had been unemployed for over 4 months and had sent out over 100 resumes to various employers when I realized that it might be my resume.

I signed up for the resume course taught by Dr. Sheran Mattson. This woman is amazing! I struggled with my resume and she never gave up on me. She reminded me of my strength’s and qualifications that I had lost in this long search for employment.

This letter is to thank you from my heart for the opportunity to remind myself how competent I am and believing in myself enough to give an excellent interview that has given me the perfect job.”
Susan Gibbs

“You were the hit of the FSS conference! I think that this conference brought out the “thank-you’s” more than any other conference we have put together. The families enjoyed their time, but they also wanted the speakers and vendors to be thanked for their time and their caring.

Your session was #1 of all the sessions. You touched so many with your humor and your message of letting go. I think that the visual pictures that you gave them touched them. Many said that they heard you when you talked about your grandmother and mopping the floor. I guess we can all relate to that, but there were several people who mentioned that specifically. Many individuals also mentioned your positive attitude. They felt that you lifted them up, made them laugh and brought them a message of hope through letting go.

I am so glad that you came to the conference. You did bring a lightness to the process and made us all laugh. I know that you took a lot of time to spend with the families on a Saturday and I hope that you also enjoyed the day.

Thank you for being with us and know that the families and FSS staff thoroughly enjoyed you.”
Karen Pierce,
FSS Specialist, City of Tempe

“Sheran has consistently demonstrated excellent skills and competencies as a workshop facilitator and as a one-on-one career management coach, capable of relating to all professional and non-exempt staff. Her portfolio of core deliverables, along with her high energy and enthusiasm, enables her to successfully deliver topics such as resume development, resume editing, networking, interviewing, negotiating and self-marketing.

She also served in the capacity of “train the trainer” where she has delivered training to newly hired career management consultants with Right Management.

Her compassion and empathy for individuals in career transition enables her to connect directly with people and to quickly develop a relationship of trust and confidentiality.”
Mike Mayhew,
Right Management

“The assistance and support I received from you garnered me true success with my efforts to obtain greater employment. Your assistance with the résumé preparation was so helpful and effective; it earned me an interview with the Department of Commerce. But even more effective was your support with interviewing that actually helped me get selected for the position, Local Census Office Manager with the Department of Commerce. I applied all of the tips you recommended from listening and fully answering the questions, to asking mindful questions at the end of the interview session. I am so appreciative and grateful for you taking the time to help me. Thank you.”
Nigel H. Beckford

“Dr. Mattson has developed numerous curriculums and training outlines for small groups, one on one, workshops and for numerous models of training. She has trained many participants in career transition with only successful and positive evaluations.

She has implemented training for staff and other trainers in career transition in the areas of job search strategy, resume development, interviewing, networking, skill identification and transferable skills. Sheran has also supported trainers effectively with peer support and coaching.

Dr. Mattson has and continues to be invited back to partner with AWEE numerous times based on her strong effectiveness and great interaction with participants. Sheran consistently exhibits excellence and up to date and trend setting ideas in all areas of career transition.”
Karen R. Beckford,
Arizona Women’s Education & Employment – Project Director