Five Tips for Surviving and Enjoying the Perfect Thanksgiving

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It’s here again: Time to create the ideal Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving-the perfect meal, the perfect family and the perfect memory! Everyone smiling, happy to be together and anxious to eat a sumptuous fattening meal. Oh oh! Isn’t this your experience? Reality: there are expectations of having to attend more than one family event, much of the food offered is not … Read More

What is Your Security Blanket?

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Stop Eating Your Heart Out Sheran Mattson

A Guest Post from a friend: Meryl Hershey Beck who wrote the Amazon best seller, Stop Eating Your Heart Out: The 21-Day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating which tells her story of Binge Eating Disorder and focuses on the tools she used for recovery. Receive her free eBook by going to As a new great grandmother (yes, … Read More