Remembering My First Time….

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Sheran Mattson intuition

intuitionemersonI was scared, uncomfortable and didn’t know how to react. Was it good or bad? Was I weird? Did I need to do something different? Did everyone know.

Someone I respected had told me I was very intuitive. I panicked because I had no idea what that meant. Was I seen as incompetent and unprofessional? It was important to me to be known for my knowledge not for “guessing.” After clarifying what was meant, I learned that having intuition-that subtle skill of listening to my inner voice-is a gift. Ideas and directions seem to show up naturally and when I test my “hunches” they are usually accurate. Intuition proves to be valuable in facilitating groups and helping clients.

Are you aware of your own intuitive ability? Do you pay attention to that sometimes quiet feeling in your “gut” or the synchronicity that happens? I believe everyone has intuition but not everyone knows it or uses it consciously! Here are some ways that intuition shows up: through images and symbols, through feelings and emotions, and through physical sensations. Three main styles are: Mental-a thought you did not ask for but is persistent-sort of a hunch! Emotional-a vague feeling that cannot be explained, but is usually right which may start as a mild depression that something is not right! Kinesthetic-a physical sensation or gut feeling that makes one feel “uncomfortable” or “comfortable” about something.

You may have one style that is stronger than the other or a combination. I usually have an emotional and/or kinesthetic reaction that just comes over me. Everyone is different. As you pay attention and validate your reactions-the information will get stronger and come more quickly! Actually doing exercises to increase this ability will bring significant results! Practicing visualization, taking quiet time to breath and tune inside, noticing when something feels off or really good without quickly dismissing the experience as silly will help increase your intuitive strength. Actually asking yourself questions before sleep and paying attention to thoughts that come up in the morning may surprise you!!

Now that you are aware that you have this skill I encourage you to develop it more. There are numerous books that provide intuition workouts but just being aware is the first step. Some of the most creative inventors have attributed their discoveries to intuition! Maybe you have a creation just waiting to breakthrough.

Now when someone tells me I am intuitive I realize what a compliment this is!