Reach Out-Reach In/Give Out-Give In

Dr. Sheran MattsonReflection

Sheran Mattson Mind Body Heart

Have you ever wondered how you would deal with a life threatening illness? Many individuals are heroic! I had the privilege and pain as I journeyed with my daughter, my hero. She exhibited more heroism than she will acknowledge as she moved through her cancer. Although there are volumes of lessons, I have chosen 4 that are valuable for all of us.

Reach Out: It is almost an instinct when we are hurting to withdraw and pull inside. It is easier to hide, but we actually allow others to rise up when we reach out. This is hard when you are successful and used to being self-sufficient. What a gift to others we give when we let others be with us!

Reach In: The courage to face the next hurdle-even when one is kicking and screaming to resist-only comes when one goes inside and pulls up strength from the core. It is like running the marathon or overcoming some deep fear. You can’t imagine how you will overcome, but you reach in and put one foot in front of the other. There is no finish line in life-there is always the next reaching in, the heroic example of another reminds us we also can make it!

Give Out: No matter what is going on in our own lives, there are opportunities to give to another. The willingness to share one’s story with others even when it is not over and when you feel you judge yourself as inadequate or less than!-reminds us all-No matter what our situation we still have something to give out to another!

Give In: When it comes down to the bottom line, we need to realize that we are not in control. We must be willing to give in to the circumstance of life-not give up-but give in and recognize we are here to learn from each moment. Giving in to life-is owning that this is “my path.” When we are in the midst of the pain or challenge we cannot often see the value, but by giving in we can overcome-that is the real power! Giving In may also be just taking a nap in the middle of the day-what a treat!