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Sheran Mattson Hiding

Have you ever tried to put on a “smiley” face to make sure no one saw what you were really thinking or feeling? I have! Every one of us has parts of ourselves that we want to hide: those parts we are ashamed of or don’t love. I am not talking about how we look physically, I am talking about what is in our deepest self. We often work so hard to cover up what we don’t like. Maybe it is my fear, my shame, my disappointment, my comparison to someone else: all the imperfections I see. We put on a face of bravado or niceness or kindness, but inside we are dying.

Has this happened to you? It certainly has been true for  me-my deepest fear that people will discover when I feel not good enough. This is the place where someone can easily make me feel inadequate or vulnerable. It takes so much energy to keep parts of us covered up. The loss is so great. We miss out on life and the joy of fully loving ourselves and everyone else. The funny thing is that we never really hide who we are. Others can sense it. They stay away from us or they take advantage of us. We eventually must face our inner emptiness or desert if we are going to be fully alive and make the difference in the world around us.

Those of us who live in the Arizona desert are blessed because we know both the barrenness and also the remarkable life that is present in what looks like arid wasteland. When we are still and really examine the land we see a beauty that is missed at first glance. The same with each of us. When we go inside, face the hidden parts, we discover a richness beyond words. This is what makes us powerful and a treasure to all around us. Make a decision today to shine the light on every part of you!