One Degree of Change!

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Sheran Mattson One Degree

one degree can changeHave you made resolutions to do something different and they didn’t happen? You had the best intentions. Did it seem so large and would require so much effort?

Little tiny steps could be the answer to any new venture you want to consider. Anyone who has ever sailed or who sky dived knows how much difference a degree can make-only 1° off in your calculation will take you to a whole new location. (I experienced this when I sky dived with my dad and sister. We each landed in different places!!!) This is the same for us when we want to create anything different in our life.

Just one little change can get you results you never could believe. Even if you do not know the full destination, just deciding to go forward and leaping out in faith starts the journey. Age, money and time are not factors in the journey. They are only excuses. I have heard and witnessed remarkable feats by people who started businesses, entered recovery, changed careers, started new relationships, lost weight, or got degrees when they did not know where the money, time or energy would come from, they feared they may fail, or they were told by others that they were too old!

So don’t put off that change you want in your life. Make a 1° step and you will have begun a major shift. Each little step moves you to a new place. A relationship 1° shift may be just starting to smile more often. An exercise 1° shift might be buying new tennis shoes. An education 1° may be researching nontraditional schools-that is what started for me on the road to completing my doctorate when I was in my 50’s (much too old!)

All you have to do is decide what your one degree is and turn in that direction. I would really enjoy hearing the 1° difference you are making in your life!