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Sheran Mattson Save Purpose

life saverThis action is the most important thing you can do to save your life! Your health, wealth, relationships and longevity all are improved by this action. It does not cost anything but it has to be done every day no matter what happens in your day.

You have to be willing to risk doing this when you don’t feel like it, don’t think you deserve it, and others don’t support you in it. It is so natural you may scoff at it. It is so profound you may think you are incapable of doing it, but of course you are. It is so simple you may resist.

I have reminded numerous clients just in this past week to do this and they act surprised when they hear that they are not doing it! But realize how true it is when they think further!

What is this life saver and quality of life technique? Loving yourself-just as you are right now with all the faults, insecurities, inadequacies and doubts. This may sound silly. You may have a negative reaction or a surprise that this even needs to be said. Your programming may say this is selfish or self-centered. You may think this is ridiculous as of course you love yourself, but I really want you to consider it.

Ask yourself, would you be as hard on your best friend as you are on yourself? How do you acknowledge and reward yourself daily? What are the messages you hear over and over in your head? When was the last time you high-fived yourself or did a happy dance for the great person you are?

Many of us were taught that humility and putting yourself second is to be admired. We should not need recognition for doing what is expected. And we should just do and be for others or work, work, work and only play with leftover time! In actuality the most creativity, the best results, and the most health are experienced when we  do lots of self care and self love.

How do you know you love yourself?

  1. You make time for play and renewal-lots of it-even though you are very responsible.
  2. You look at yourself in the mirror and accept what you see with appreciation even with the wrinkles, the extra or not enough pounds, the crooked teeth or big feet-you honor the body that supports you!
  3. You forgive yourself when you make a mistake without the need for ongoing punishment. You take responsibility for what you did or did not do-repair what you can-realize you are human and forgive and forget!
  4. You surround yourself with people who love and support you. You let go of those who do not honor you and manage your time with those you cannot let go of, especially if they are family!
  5. You take a few minutes at the end of each day to recognize the good things you have done, thought or experienced.

Your life is precious. When you begin to feel like life is just not working. You feel stuck. People you are with are challenging. Ask yourself if you are loving yourself enough?

There is only one person exactly like you. The world needs you to share who you are. Loving ourselves makes it easier to love others. If we do this  the workplace will be easier, home will be calmer, and we will be healthier. It is time to love yourself. I know you can do this! Start today!

If you think you need help, call me, I love saving lives!!!