Life Changes in an Instant

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Sheran Mattson holiday blessings

holiday blessingsI am sending  Holiday Wishes to All! May this be a season of great joy and significant appreciation for all that is important to you. Our family experienced a sudden change this month when our dear Son-in-Law, Adam, died very suddenly. He was only 34 and has left a wonderful loving wife, Jennifer, and cuddly loving 4-year old daughter, Eden, behind. Obviously the world is different right now and all kinds of questions surface at a time like this-why, what purpose does this serve, how will this remarkable woman and daughter manage?

With the pain also surfaces the great love of families and friends along with strangers who opened their hearts to this family, Adam’s family, and all of us. We will always feel the pain of this loss and the holiday season will be forever different but we also treasure every moment of love, caring, and support that has been and is being shared. It is in times like this that we learn about our true selves.

For me as painful as this is, there is also the reminder of the purpose of celebration, of expressing what is important at all times, and living in this moment-this is all we ever have. I thank those of you who have expressed your love and concern-thank you from my heart.

From my deepest self I wish all of you peace and love as you reflect on the end of this year and consider the beginning of a New Year. May you know how precious each moment is and may you experience richness in your relationships. xoxoxo Sheran