If You Want More of Anything, Do Less of These

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Sheran Mattson Let Go

let goIt seems no matter where you turn, if you want to improve your life all you need to do is try another new product, join the one perfect program or read a the current best seller. All of this is fine but most of us are stretched so thin we barely have time to do everything we are already doing. What if we could eliminate things from our life to get real results rather than adding more? Here are 5 behaviors to get rid of in order to have more happiness, free time and better relationships. See letting go isn’t easier than adding in!!

1. Let go of Blaming anyone or anything! Blame only keeps us stuck. Acknowledge the situation, take responsibility for your part, make a change and move forward. Talking about the situation or trying to find fault does not make anything better. Everyone has challenges, everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has the chance to think differently about any situation. You will feel so much more powerful and capable if you let go of blame! Take full responsibility for all aspects of your life!

2. Let go of the need to Impress Anyone! What a lot of work to always worry what someone is thinking about you and always focusing on being something you are not. Just being yourself is so freeing and guess what? There is no one else like you anyway. You are totally unique. I promise you there will always be someone better than you in anything and there will always be someone who is not as strong, smart, rich, successful, pretty, or kind as you! If you try to always impress others, you start to forget who you are, you increase your stress, and you reduce your fun! Be You!

3. Let go of Criticizing. When we criticize we can feel superior. Nothing is perfect. Why not see the good points before the need to notice all the flaws. Usually any situation will improve if we enhance the positives rather than try to eliminate the negatives. This goes for criticizing ourselves also. Why not start by noticing everything that went right before we tear it down. Everyone is usually just doing the best they can!

4. Let go of Old Stories. Live in the present. We all have parents who made mistakes, friends who made fun of us, teachers who embarrassed us, and lovers who did not live up to promises. Move on and stop rehashing the past. Even our great stories of past successes can keep us stuck. No one really wants to hear our old stories anyway. We limit the possibility of moving into a new vision of ourselves if we keep focusing on what already happened. Create new stories. Move towards new dreams!

5. Let go of Limiting Beliefs. How often do we give up before we even start something because we think we are not smart enough, rich enough, good enough, or “any other” enough? All these beliefs are made up by us. We have them running around in our head and they are all illusions! The only difference between us and someone who has been “successful” is that they didn’t listen or believe the thoughts. Do a daily inventory to recognize what were the limiting beliefs that got in the way and vow to replace them with possibility thinking!

When you eliminate what does not serve you, you make room for something new to show up! Life is so short-Don’t delay. Start today to let go and live life fully!

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