How to Worry for the Fun of It

Dr. Sheran MattsonReflection

Sheran mattson Worry

worryingIsn’t it incredible how powerful we feel when we worry? We act like we are in control of an outcome by dwelling on it and using our energy to be so responsible! But really research (U of C, 1990) has found that 85% of what we worry about NEVER HAPPENS and that the 15% that does happen is usually managed in ways that are creative and surprisingly effective. The worry didn’t affect the outcome, our ability and wisdom did!!! In the mean time we diminished our immune system, caused our body to age more rapidly and wasted a lot of time on nothing!!!

I would love to say “Let’s never worry again.” But it is very unlikely that this will happen-so why not have fun with it and use it to our advantage. Here are three ideas to have fun with worry:

  1. As soon as you feel that dread sick in the stomach worry feeling-turn on the most energetic music you can find. Raise the volume really loud and move all over the place (I might say dance but then I suspect that some of you may then worry that you are not dancing correctly!!!) Move as hard and fast and silly as you can. Great exercise will result from this worry time!
  2. When you find your breath coming fast and furious as you let the fear of worry rise-start to laugh really loud and hard. Time yourself and do not stop for 2 minutes. See if you can last that long. You will now have released a flow of endorphins that are flooding your brain and body with good feelings. Thank the worry for bringing this on. (Good idea to check that no one is listening as you start this one. They may end up calling someone to take you away!)
  3. For the moments when you can’t stop thinking obsessive thoughts, go to your phone list of people you know and find someone that you have been meaning to call-especially if they need a pick me up. This is your chance to think about someone else and enter their world for awhile. Do not share any of your obsessive worry thoughts-You are only to be a listener for them.  Now you will have enhanced your friendship and done a good deed for another.

By the time you have had fun with one or all of these your worry should be a thing of the past but you will be healthier, feel more joyful and been a helper for someone else. Why Worry Now?????