Have you heard the rumor?

Dr. Sheran MattsonReflection

Jaye and Christy are making a big impact: Jaye with delighted buyers of high end real estate and Christy with uplifting heart message art and designer wear. Tatiana and Tanya have wait lists for clients who report significant changes in their lives after coaching. David has a new job.Where did all these rumors start? At the last Dynamic Conversation!

Rumors have a way of taking on a life of their own. You could feel the electricity and uplifting energy when these rumors were being told last month! What rumor do you want to start? Once the rumor gets out it gets larger and larger. This is why it is important to start the rumor you want and share it with enough people! We used to be told “don’t spread rumors!” But we know that only caused the rumor to get stronger!

You never know the next rumor that may be started-why don’t you start it and get support to help it grow? We can co-create the future. Words and thoughts are powerful motivators and attractors. I was commenting to a friend who had heart surgery, how quickly she mended. She told me her physician (a gifted healer) stated it was in your head whether or not you healed fast and whether or not you had a recurrence. He told her to choose-so she said she did and never looked back!

I would be happy to spread your rumor! Send it along if you like and share it with everyone as often as you can! I hear you are very successful and make a big difference in the lives of people around you! 

February Events

Dynamic Conversation is around Authentic Relationships! Feb. 24, 10-12am. If you are returning: bring a friend at no charge.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner you may want to attend the Master Mind Group on Feb. 16, 7-8:30pm.

Young Survivor Support Group for Women ages 20-40ish! Feb. 18, 8-noon.

Phone coaching and in person coaching is available for leaping forward to making your rumor a reality!