Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law!

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do not remove

Do you remember as a kid thinking you had done something wrong if you pulled the tag off a pillow? Were you going to jail? I was reminded of this when I finally cut out a tag inside my sweater that had been scratching me each time I wore it. I wondered why I hadn’t cut it out the first time I noticed it-even if it had “important” information! Did I think the tag was more important than my comfort! What a silly thought-but I wondered how often many of us unconsciously follow instructions from our childhood that no longer serve us without even realizing it!

Do you remember hearing any of these?

All your work must be done before you can play! Now isn’t that ridiculous because your work is never done!! And if we take a break for play we often can finish our work faster and more productively!

No dessert, until you eat everything on your plate! Maybe dessert is all we want to eat sometimes, but we force ourselves to eat more so we can justify “DESSERT.”

Nice girls or boys don’t do….(you fill in the blank!) Who defines what is nice and who wants to be limited to being nice!!!

It doesn’t matter what well intentioned messages we have in our head. What does matter is that we make conscious choices that serve us now! Are we choosing what is best for our life without feeling guilt, shame, or disappointment because we don’t measure up to some imaginary standard? Just being aware of this may be all we need to move beyond some messages, but others may be so ingrained we may want to try tapping the feelings and thoughts out of our brain. Or we may need to journal the message out. Whatever we do it is time to Remove Any Tags Without Penalty of Law!