Creating the Life You Were Meant to Live

Dr. Sheran MattsonWorkshops

lifeDuring this seven week journey you will acknowledge and break through barriers in the physical, spiritual and emotional parts of your life. This workshop is only for those who are willing to make a commitment to growth.

Julia Cameron has designed a method for individuals to recognize, confront, live with and work around fears, self-doubts and the inner voices that limit creativity and fullness in living. Energy healing methods will be incorporated into the seven weeks to enhance what Julia provides.

This workshop will be limited to 10 people and will require a willingness to support each other in the group with open sharing. As the facilitator I too will enter the journey with each member. The promise of the process is a renewed sense of peace and personal creativity, new directions in life and fun. An open mind and heart are required. It is necessary to purchase the Book, The Artist’s Way as it will be the guide each week. Don’t be fooled by the title the focus of these weeks is renewing of self to allow more expression which may include art but the real focus is on personal change and overcoming barriers to living fully alive.

There is reading (short chapters) and exercises to do between sessions. Even very busy people can fit this in and actually very busy people probably need this workshop! Chapter titles include: Recovering a sense of: Safety, Identity, Power, Integrity, Possibility, Abundance, Connection, Strength, Compassion, Self-Protection, Autonomy, and Faith. I look forward to the those of you who are courageous enough to take this journey with me. I am your fellow traveler! Your life will be different by the end of the time together.

January 27-March 17, 7-9:00 pm

1701 S. Mill, Suite 103, Tempe, 85281


Preregistration Required $199

Purchase The Artist’s Way

Fee: $149