Christmas-Bah Humbug! Celebrate and Appreciate Anyway!

Dr. Sheran MattsonUncategorized


This is the time of year when the media, families, and friends have images that are not always in harmony with our own experience. We may wonder if something is wrong with us if our families don’t look like the ideal loving group on Christmas Specials or if we dread having to look excited over another gift that we don’t like but don’t want to hurt Aunt Jayne’s feelings!

Some of you may be alone, unwell, hurting emotionally, or struggling financially. This season (whether or not you celebrate Christmas) seems to heighten the intensity of each of these challenges! The truth is that all these images of what an ideal family or celebration is are just creations of imagination. The truth never meets the picture in our head.

I think there are some important things to celebrate no matter what state we find ourselves in. I offer these to consider! A little different than the traditional gifts!

Our Body: No matter what condition it is in-under 30 or over 30 by many years! This is the only tool we have to experience life, love and the world around us. Why not give it lots of love this week. Pamper with hugs, lotions, massage, and movement. We need this body to grow spiritually, intellectually and physically. Tell your body how much you appreciate it and don’t forget to name the organs and thank them for the work they do.

Our Friends: These may be current, no longer in your life, near or distant, young or old. Consider all those who helped you to become who you are today. You do not need to actually talk to them or see them-you can just send them appreciation and love in your mind. Of course if you are able to reach out that is even better. But I have many old acquaintances that I no longer know where they are. Old neighbors from my childhood allowed a little girl to feel so special when she was allowed to bring them their mail (actually they probably would have rathered the daily walk up the street to the mail box, but they always rewarded with a piece of candy!) Just remembering what they offered my life creates joy and warmth inside.

Our Living Space: No matter if we live in a mansion or a one room apartment, we have shelter and a place to lay our head at night. It is easy to take our good fortune for granted. Why not walk around your space and notice how much your space adds to your life. Feel a sense of appreciation for each space and feel the joyful energy of the things with which you have chosen to surround yourself.

I hope this different type of celebrating will add to your holiday. These cost little and can be enjoyed over and over again! I send blessings to each of you and am so grateful to be able to share with you! May you know warmth, peace and wellness.

Hugs and Peace, Sheran