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Category: Reflection

If You Want More of Anything, Do Less of These

let go

It seems no matter where you turn, if you want to improve your life all you need to do is try another new product, join the one perfect program or read a the current best seller. All of this is fine but most of us are stretched so thin we barely have time to do …

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10 Keys to Increasing Happiness

happiness in hands

This post deserves to be read again-enjoy a summer rerun. This ran last September with lots of positive comments, it is just as valuable today! Something happens to us from childhood to adulthood. We tend to forget what brings simple and easy happiness. We forget that life is meant to be experienced to the fullest …

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Remembering My First Time….


I was scared, uncomfortable and didn’t know how to react. Was it good or bad? Was I weird? Did I need to do something different? Did everyone know. Someone I respected had told me I was very intuitive. I panicked because I had no idea what that meant. Was I seen as incompetent and unprofessional? …

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listen with hand

Most Valuable Business Success Tool/The Missing Link

listen with hand

It feels so good to be really heard. Did you realize that people spend 45% of their waking time listening and truly being heard is one of the most effective sales tools in business (and life)? Listening creates loyalty among staff and customers, it can calm a disgruntled client and save a sale, and most …

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Shame on Me!

Have you ever felt it or said it! I have and then the partner feeling guilt often shows up! What a great way to get stuck! This must be a pretty common experience as I am hearing a lot of clients discuss it. That feeling of not being okay, flawed, and comparing ourselves to some …

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Life Changes in an Instant

holiday blessings

I am sendingĀ  Holiday Wishes to All! May this be a season of great joy and significant appreciation for all that is important to you. Our family experienced a sudden change this month when our dear Son-in-Law, Adam, died very suddenly. He was only 34 and has left a wonderful loving wife, Jennifer, and cuddly …

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love energy

Avoid Making These Energy Draining Relationship Mistakes

It is truly exciting and life giving when you are connected with another person who brings out the best in you and you bring out the best in them. Meaningful relationships begin with so much positive attraction-positive energy-whether friends or romantic partners! You find all the things you have in common-all the traits you love …

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Isn’t it strange how time changes perceptions, beliefs and actions. Today in some states you may be arrested if you sell candy cigarettes to children, leave dog droppings on your front lawn, or allow your child to point fingers like a handgun in a public place. When I was growing up we would have been …

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be where you want to be

Ever have one of those days when you don’t have anything really awful happening and you need to do something but you just can’t seem to get out of that “melancholy me” feeling? I’ve been there and then I want to criticize and dis myself. That only makes the “stuckness” worse! So what are ways …

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A Blue Butterfly on a Fern Leaf

5 Secrets to a Life of Ease

Do you wonder how to achieve a remarkable life? Are you reading all the latest books and posts that say all you have to do is this or you just need to buy that?? You try this and you buy that and you find you are still not there!!! It really is very simple. There …

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