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As a doctor of spiritual psychology I support people to be free of self-limiting thoughts and actions and to live life with balance, abundance, purpose, and have fulfilling relationships and careers.

I have had the opportunity for extensive study with spiritual leaders from eastern and western traditions in energy principles, healing methods, and spirituality. I know that everyone has the answers within and my role is to bring awareness and discovery.

My corporate work life and training in energy techniques such as Hado Energy, Pranic Healing, Dahn Yoga, EFT, the Phoenix Effect, and years of leading Spiritual Communities provides me a variety of tools to offer clients. The practical experience of coaching, facilitation, career counseling, strategic planning, and management add to the ability to work effectively with individuals and groups.

I have demonstrated my expertise in educational settings, not for profits, religious communities, government including the military, and in corporate environments. Work places can be places of support, creativity, and profit as well as nurturing for all who are in them. I assist with developing strong staffs, collaborations, financial success and increasing resources by removing barriers and developing vision!

Each person deserves to live a life of purpose, abundance and be free of self limitations! I know. I’ve been there. My life has been touched by addiction, family of origin issues, life threatening illness, relatives’ mental illness, self-doubt, and regret. I also have been blessed with remarkable teachers, healing of the past, and life-giving relationships. Life truly can be joy-filled, rewarding and energizing!

I look forward to working with you!

With Love,