5 Secrets to a Life of Ease

Dr. Sheran MattsonInner Growth, Reflection, Thoughts

Sheran Mattson Blue Butterfly

A Blue Butterfly on a Fern LeafDo you wonder how to achieve a remarkable life? Are you reading all the latest books and posts that say all you have to do is this or you just need to buy that?? You try this and you buy that and you find you are still not there!!!

It really is very simple. There is no magic wand! You already have everything you need! It is just a matter of being reminded of what works. If you practice the following you will experience an increase in effortless ease!! You may need to remind yourself often but living in the flow is worth it!

  1. Enjoy spending time alone with yourself. No one knows you better than yourself. Alone time doing whatever feels good-reading a good book, walking outdoors, taking yourself out for a meal is the key. Just be yourself with yourself.
  2. Trust your inner wisdom. You have an inner voice that is always talking to you. No one knows your truth. Trust that your life experience has prepared you for whatever shows up. When you are unsure of a direction, you may seek advice from others but then ask your inner self to give you a sign that cannot be mistaken. Trust what message comes to you.
  3. Believe that everything has a purpose. See the connections in your life. Recognize that the joys and the hardships have something to teach you. Nothing is by accident. All challenges will pass and all fulfilling experiences can be remembered.
  4. Choose to have only positive loving relationships. Avoid those who are full of negativity-whether family or friends. Distance yourself from them and surround yourself with those who know how to see the best in you. Attitude is the key to identifying the good in the world around you.
  5. Feel joy for no reason. Allow joy to well up within you on a regular basis. Laugh as often as you can. Nourish your natural joy. Notice how natural it is for children to expect joy and see each day as a new beginning!