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Monthly Archives: November, 2014

thanksgiving - Copy

Five Tips for Surviving and Enjoying the Perfect Thanksgiving

It’s here again: Time to create the ideal Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving-the perfect meal, the perfect family and the perfect memory! Everyone smiling, happy to be together and anxious to eat a sumptuous fattening meal. Oh oh! Isn’t this your experience? Reality: there are expectations of having to attend more than one family event, much of …

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Creating the Life You Were Meant to Live

During this seven week journey you will acknowledge and break through barriers in the physical, spiritual and emotional parts of your life. This workshop is only for those who are willing to make a commitment to growth. Julia Cameron has designed a method for individuals to recognize, confront, live with and work around fears, self-doubts …

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Isn’t it strange how time changes perceptions, beliefs and actions. Today in some states you may be arrested if you sell candy cigarettes to children, leave dog droppings on your front lawn, or allow your child to point fingers like a handgun in a public place. When I was growing up we would have been …

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