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Monthly Archives: September, 2014

10 Keys to Increasing Happiness

happiness in hands

Something happens to us from childhood to adulthood. We tend to forget what brings simple and easy happiness. We forget that life is meant to be experienced to the fullest with joy each day! Surprisingly much research has been initiated to assist us with identifying what brings us the most happiness-doesn’t that seem odd that …

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Why Me?


I get a wake-up call when a lot of clients come to me with the same issue! I know I am supposed to look at myself and ask how I may need to clear the same thing. Recently the good old “victim” approach to life has been showing up! You know this one, it’s that …

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Words are Powerful

The Power of Words

Have you ever been hurt by a comment that you overheard or been extremely disappointed in yourself because of words you spoke to another in haste? I would guess the answer is yes to both of these! Similarly have you ever felt powerful and strong after a positive word of praise or encouragement? Hopefully this …

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The Surprising Power of Play!

Play for Life image

How much smarter would we be if we played more? Play is often dismissed as a waste of time or frivolous, when actually it contributes to more productivity, joyful living and better relationships. Play helps us sleep better, supports wellness, enhances creativity, and reduces stress. Endorphins are released in the brain as we play. Valuable …

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How to Worry for the Fun of It


Isn’t it incredible how powerful we feel when we worry? We act like we are in control of an outcome by dwelling on it and using our energy to be so responsible! But really research (U of C, 1990) has found that 85% of what we worry about NEVER HAPPENS and that the 15% that …

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