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Sheran Mattson Anticipation

anticipationI couldn’t wait. I stood up and then I sat down. I went and got a cup of coffee and then got one for my daughter. I felt so much inner excitement and anticipation. I kept watching the arrival times to see if the plane had landed yet. I had a tingling in my stomach, a giddy feeling in my chest, a smile on my face, and everything around me looked happy. Can you remember that same feeling of anticipation?

My daughter and granddaughter were returning from Disneyland. The first time 4-year old Eden had gone. Also the first trip for my daughter as a single mom since the loss of her husband. I just knew there would be stories that I had not heard during the texting and pictures from the week before. I couldn’t wait to see the smiles and I imagined my granddaughter running to me.

As I was experiencing this excitement I realized I had not felt this inner delight in a while. It dawned on me how much fun it was to just have this joy and how few times I had experienced it recently! I looked around me and could spot the people who felt like I did and those who did not seem to be in that place. No one could change my mood-even if they looked bothered.

It dawned on me that I was creating this feeling. I wondered why I did not create that place of joy for myself more often!!! No one else could do this for me. It did not even matter if the results did not match my anticipation, the joy alone was worth it. Children do this often. They can’t wait for a birthday party, for the visit to a friend’s house, for the sleepover with a friend, for summer vacation, for playing outside when homework is done, for Santa to come, for a toy they have been wanting. The list goes on. They seem to be able to call up that inner stomach tingling joy with ease.

We adults can take day to day responsibilities so seriously and miss the simple joy of anticipating. I decided that I am starting a habit of anticipation. I am going to call up the feeling of excitement more often. It only takes a mind shift-so when I see the name of someone on my phone that I like to talk to-I am going to bring the joy on. I am going to look for times during the day and week to anticipate. How about you? How long has it been that you felt the joy of anticipation? I promise it is a great boost to life! The airport wait was worth every minute of my anticipation when I saw the smile on my daughter’s and granddaughter’s faces and when I felt the tight loving squeeze of a hug! I got so much out of that 20 minute wait!!!!